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Shortwave Log Entry – 01/20/18

Station ID: CHU (Canada) Date/Time: January 20, 2018 23:42 Frequency (kHz): 3.330 Mode: AM Receiver: Grundig FR-200 Antenna: Internal Whip Antenna Content Description: Time Intervals Language: English/French Signal Strength: 2 Interference: 4 Noise: 2 Propagation: 3 Overall Merit: 2


My Current Best Shortwave Receiver

I have owned a lot of shortwave radios over the course of 30 years of listening. . .from my first “real” shortwave receiver, the Zenith 10S668 to the venerable Sony ICF-2010 that served as my “high end rig” until its untimely demise a few months ago. Like most shortwave listeners, I am always on the lookout…

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