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My First Shortwave Radio

I was listening to shortwave last night and I got to thinking about what should my first post be about here. . .I could talk about the stations that I used to listen to, but are no longer available. . .I could talk about the thrill of getting mail from lands halfway across the world. . .I could talk about the quizzical look on my face as I heard my first radio pirate. . .Instead, I decided to look back fondly on my very first shortwave radio.

I got to racking my brains trying to remember my first shortwave and then it occurred to me. . .my first shortwave wasn’t a real shortwave at all. . .it was a boombox!

My first shortwave radio! The venerable model was the Magnavox D8443, as is pictured here.

Magnavox D8443

My folks had purchased it for me in the early 80s as a birthday gift.

It had “spacial” stereo separation, which was selectable by turning the knob to the left for mono and the right for stereo. It had two shortwave bands, covering most of the shortwave spectrum. More impressive, was the fact that this had 5 speakers! Never had WWV sounded so good!

I kept that radio for about 6 years. It ended up in parts when my girlfriend, who also had the same radio, ended up spilling make-up into one of the speakers and being chivalrous, I gave her mine. Big mistake.

I still think about that radio every now and then with its antiquated tuning system and great sound. I’ve purchased over 20 plus radios since then, ALL of them better than that particular radio. . .but NONE with 5 speakers and NONE with the memories of my late childhood attached as this one did. What about YOUR first shortwave? Let us know in the comments section!

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ShortwaveGuy • October 26, 2016

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